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Psychological consultancy

Counseling psychology can be defined as an exchange of opinions and ideas to effectively problem-solve an individual’s daily living issues. These may be associated with his or her emotional, cognitive, or behavioral problems, or they may simply be situational concerns, such as whether one should change jobs.

Spiritual Consultant

Whatever your religion or spirituality, most of us can agree there is some sort of unseen force in the world around us. Universal power, synchronicity, star signs, soul mates—there are so many facets of this force that we can explore. If you have already begun the shift from surface to purpose, you know that, like all changes in life, this isn't easy. In order to live a more conscious, awakened life, carry some valuable tips forward for the curvy road ahead.

Mantra & Chants

Mantra is another very sacred form of devotional songs. The words are often in Sanskrit and are chanted in devotion and concentration in deep meditation. We suggest you devotional mantras and chants as per your horoscope to move ahead in life.

Pooja performs

Pooja’ refers to all rituals and invocations intended to worship, or pay homage to a Hindu Deity. Apart from the many deities of the religion Hinduism also respects and adores nature. One who is performing a Pooja should also be aware of the meaning and reason for each of these rituals to ensure maximum effectiveness. Experts of the religion devise different Pooja methodologies for different occasions


Panchak, an inauspicious time period or dosha period, is a phase of five days and occurs when Moon is present in last two Zodiacs (Aquarius & Pisces). During this period, it is advised not to commence any kind of auspicious work or event as it will not produce you the desire results. Events like marriage, Grah Pravesh, mundan, etc. are avoided during Panchak Kaal.

Rahu Kaal

Rahu Kaal means bad time / inauspicious time during the day to start any activity. According to Hindu Astrology a time period of about 90 minutes every day between the sun rise and the sunset is allocated to Rahu kaal. Any auspicious work is not undertaken during this Rahu kaal. Auspicious activities undertaken during this period will not give good results. Auspicious activities like Pooja, new work, journey, trade, business, marriage, interview, business dealings, sale or purchase of any assets, purchasing stocks and shares are not undertaken during this period.